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Google Analytics Account Set Up in 3 Steps

Google-Account-Set Up

Every business has realized the importance of going online and owning a website. In the traditional sense, a website still a marketplace where your customers and see your brand and what you offer. Unlike retail stores, you can’t see every visitor face to face and hence you need to set up some tracking mechanism. Through Google Analytics (GA) tracking, Google offers you a solution to track various customers visiting your website and provide you with additional information on your audiences.

Google Analytics Account Creation

Visit Google Analytics at and login with your Google Account. If it’s your first time, you’ll be directly asked to create an account and if you have an existing account, you will need to go to the Admin panel to create a new account.

Follow these 3 easy steps to create your Google Analytics (GA) Account and get your GA tracking code.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Enter your Account Name

An account on Google Analytics refers to the domain you would like to track. This could either be the domain or subdomain of your website. Enter your website name or any identification you would like to provide. You may choose to select the recommended data sharing options provided by Google. Select Next to proceed.
You can create a maximum of 100 Accounts for every Google (Gmail) account.

Define what you want to measure

In this step, you can choose to track visitors on only your website, only your app, or choose cross-platform tracking across both apps and websites. Depending on the properties you own you may select one and then click Next.

Enter your Property Details

As defined in the previous step, you may either own a website, app, or both. Enter the name of your website or app. If you selected the Website option earlier, enter the URL of your website. Select the Industry you operate in and the timezone you are located in. After filling all the details, click Create.

After providing all the information, Google will ask you to submit the Terms of Service Agreement which will allow it to obtain your visitor’s information. Choose your country and after reading the ToS, you may accept. And Voila! you have set up your Google Analytics account for your website.

You can use Google Tag Manager to add multiple tracking codes or scripts on your website. If you own a website hosted on WordPress, you can follow our article on setting up Google Tag Manager (GTM) on WordPress.

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